Lama Fera

Lama Fera is known for eliminating negative energies to create physical and enthusiastic mending. The method depends on the Buddha’s lessons, yet the actual meeting isn’t strict/doesn’t expect you to be Buddhist.

The Energy of ruler Buddha is diverted through the Healer and coordinated towards sickness or ailment. This arrangement of Lama Fera can help in expanding profound capacities, diminish torment and uneasiness brought about by ongoing sickness, eliminates undesirable spirits, beat dread, nervousness, stress, and assist you with associating the higher self.

Lema-Fera is the union of two words, Lama and Fera.


Images are sufficiently amazing to handle negative energies of the greatest level. No big surprise a recuperating meeting keeps going only 5 minutes!

The healing session highlights a custom. The mending does exclude contacting the body. It includes the utilization of mantras and images and their vibrations. The healer assists with moving Lord Buddha’s energy to the patient to mend a specific sickness or infection. As indicated by experts, the mending occurs using 12 images, which they can’t reveal to anyone, except those learning this treatment.

Master in Lama Fera​


It liberates you from stress.

● This treatment eliminates fears, uneasiness.

● It disposes of negative energy and insidious spirits.

● It assists with further developing memory and focus. This occurs through reflection.

● The treatment expands your resolution.

● Specialists see Lama Fera mending treatment as the best one for patients who are at the last phase of their illness.

● The mending assists with settling issues of a previous existence.
● It assists with clearing issues in wellbeing, property, business, vocation, connections, and others.

● It empowers substance preparation in different body frameworks.

● This sort of mending expands the energy stream in the body and invigorates it – physical and mental.

● The individual who goes through the Lama Fera meeting feels an adjustment of their energy levels turns out to be more certain, dexterous, and alert.