Diploma in Palmistry

COURSE DURATION : 2 Months / 12 Hours
ELIGIBILITY : 10th Or Equivalent


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Introduction of Palmistry

  • What is Palmistry
  • Science of Palmistry
  • Benefit of Palmistry
  • Scope of Palmistry

History of Palmistry

  • Early history of Palmistry
  • Modern development in Palmistry

Study of Hand

  • Classifications of hand as per Structure
  • Classification of hand as per color
  • Classification of hand as per thumb

Study of Fingers

  • Study of Index finger
  • Study of Middle finger
  • Study of Ring finger
  • Study of Little finger
  • Study of Thumb

Study of Nails

    • Study of Structure of Nail
    • Study of Color of Nail
    • Study of sign and symbols on Nail

Basic study of Mounts

Position of the Planets

Basic study of Lines

Occult Science Special

  • Types of Hand Reading
  • Zodiac place in Hand
  • Pilgrimage in Hand
  • Graho ke karkatwa

2 Months / 12 Hours

10th or Equivalent