Coffee Cup Reading

Coffee Cup Reading

Coffee Cup Reading is a type of fortune-telling or tasseography. This implies it is a method of foreseeing or acquiring knowledge into an individual, their past, and their future, which is generally viewed as obscure. The term tasseography comes from the French word “tasse” which means cup and the Arabic word “chart” which means composing. Tasseography is a bigger and more extensive-term that incorporates reading tea leaves, This kind of coffee leaves thick and “muddy” sediment at the cup bottom.

This sort of espresso leaves thick and “muddy” residue at the cup base. as you twirl your cup and drop it topsy turvy, the coffee beans will fall. Therefore, they might shape certain examples on the cup surface. These examples hold certain implications, which a reader deciphers.

Turkish Cup Reading has been famous in Turkey, Greece, Russia, the Middle East, and the Arabian nations. Most as of late, the UK, US, Australia, and India have joined the group of countries that have confidence in this kind of fortune-telling. Each culture highlights various rituals and beliefs about coffee cup predictions.

Coffee Cup Reading


● The upside of this reading assists the person with bringing up the squares that hamper progress in the ideal region.

● It helps to gain clarity in life.

● It highlights the areas that you need to work on

● Find Peace.
● Gives you the proper direction to improve life.