About Us

About us – The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And so has the journey of All India Institute of Occult Science been.

The institute was formed by Shrie Kashyap, who is a leading Astrologer having a large chain of satisfied clients and students across the globe. His journey started with self-realization and he has since then been working to help each and everyone around with a thought to realize the self and also uncover the hidden truth.

He has been for long working to spread the knowledge of Vedic Astrology, Vedic Vaastu, Numerology, and much more. In the process of spreading the knowledge, he has been associated with multiple institutes within and outside Delhi.

A visionary by nature and a student with thought, he firmly believes that we have the power to attain anything in the world and get whatever we wish to, and our planetary positions act as a catalyst in achieving these.  A Slight bit of correction and remedies could help us be better prepared to handle any adverse situation, and lead a successful life.

For his precious contribution to society, Shrie Kashyap has been honored with many prestigious awards by different organizations.

His aim in life is to spread the knowledge of Ancient Indian Shastras. And this is the aim that motivated him to set up the All India Institute of Occult Science. An Institute that not just spreads the knowledge to perform better in life, but also works to hone the skill set of its students by providing them lifelong support.

All India Institute of Occult Science is an Institute that supports learning and with this thought, Shrie Kashyap extends his support to the society too. All India Institute of Occult Science pledges to support all who cannot afford to pay the curriculum fees by teaching them.

A step that is being taken to ensure that our learning from the Vedic shastras covers all the sections of society and doesn’t differ in spreading its knowledge.

Shrie Kashyap works with one thought, and that is to help everyone around. He firmly believes in the thought process of what Kabir Das Ji’s one of the Doha says,

बड़ा हुआ तो क्या हुआ, जैसे पेड़ खजूर |
पंथी को छाया नहीं, फल लागे अति दूर ||

By providing the right guidance and knowledge, he aspires that All India Institute of Occult Science acts as a tree that not just provides fruits to everyone but also provides shade and shelter to the one who stands under or near it.

Our Team

Mask Group

Dr. Ramraj Upadhyaya born to Shri Gupteshwar Upadhyaya& Smt. Malti Upadhyaya, holds a professional B.Ed. and PhD in Samveda from Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya.

Born on 24 Feb. 1968, he has gone through many walks of life and kept learning with each passing day. This zeal of learning helped him gain four post graduate degrees with different specializations. Despite getting his primary education in a village, his zeal to learn more didn’t fade away and he ensured to gain more knowledge with each passing day.

Few of the titles he holds are:

Acharya from Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya (covering Samveda, Shuklayajurved, Purohitya and literature)
Shikshashastri (B.Ed.) from Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya
Vidyavaridhi (Ph.D) from Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya
And many more

Covering various aspects including know ofPurohit, Vedas and Jyotish during his journey, he has various accolades against his name; Vedpandit and Saayan award from Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Academy are to name a few.
He currently is associated as Head of Department in Lal Bahadur Shastri Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, and Director in Purohit Prashikshan Pathyakram.

His main motive in life is to bring awareness of the basic concepts of Indian Culture’s mystery of occult that prevails in the society.

Chairman /Founder

Shrie Kashyap is a leading Vedic Astrologer, Vastu Expert and Numerologist. With a global clientele, his knowledge and guidance has benefited people of all walks of life.

He currently is working on spreading this knowledge of Occult Sciences by teaching Vedic Astrology, Vedic Vastu and Numerology in many leading institutes in Delhi.

His aim in life is to spread the knowledge of Ancient Indian Shastras, clear all the misconception people have about Occult Sciences and remove the blind faith people have in the current times.

He is the Chairman / Founder of True VastuTM, that happened because of his passion towards Vastu and the motive to remove all the myths associated with it.
As part of his social responsibility he has also taken the responsibility of imparting this education to economically weaker class members without any fee.
His teachings are simple and deep, has lot of impact on society through his students and has helped lot of people benefit from it.

His bigger goal in life is to embed this knowledge in each household as basic necessity and complete knowledge. He believes in scientific approach to all his teachings and guidance.


Mrs. Raani J Kashyap comes with a strong knowledge of subjects on Occult Sciences. She has been interested in knowing the unknown mystical phenomenon of life since her childhood and had keen interest in Occult.

She started acquiring knowledge at home and gradually took formal education in these subjects. Today, in the modern society, she imparts knowledge through her teachings and guidance.

She is proficient in Vedic Astrology and is well read in this field. Her knowledge in Vaastu is deep and she takes interest both in residential and commercial Vaastu which has benefited many people. Her knowledge in Numerology is excellent and has a few renowned names as clients in India. Her intention and motive is to spread this knowledge so that it becomes the way of life.

In our routine many events happen and we do so many things that are traditional and are inherited. We do not know the origin of such acts and rituals. She is working on several projects one of which is to eradicate darkness behind such rituals

Deveshh is an ardent disciple of Occult Sciences, rather journey of Self-realization as he fondly calls it. Born in the Spiritual Capital of India, i.e. Varanasi, Spirituality comes to him naturally and rightly so he got fascinated towards it.

He comes with an experience of dealing with people for over 10 years by being part of HR field and managing it globally. 

He strongly believes in the beauty of energies; and believes that the world is nothing but a mirror and whatever we see around us, is a unique way of nature to reflect our thoughts and emotions.

He started his journey into Occult Sciences as a fun mechanism and leant Reiki. With each passing day, he found some synergy in his energies and in this field, which motivated him to later venture into many other aspects of it; Numerology, Vastu, Angel Card reading, Tarot card reading, Serenity Surrender – a Karma healing & self-realization mode, to name a few. A person with a mind-set that life is an ever learning process, he keeps exploring in this field with each passing day.He is:
Serenity Surrender Healer/Teacher
Reiki Grandmaster
Certified Angel Card ReaderTM
Certified Crystal ReaderTM
Tarot Card Reader
Lama Fera Master Teacher
Magnified Healing Practitioner
Before joining All India Institute of Occult Science as a faculty, he did various courses from the institute, namely Numerology, Reiki Grandmaster, Vastu, and Palmistry. With clients across the globe, today he not only helps people resolve their queries, but also helps them realize their true ability. He additionally imparts knowledge of all these, so as to help people keep growing here.
Through his pen:
OM is Eternity
OM is Shiva
Om is the Beginning
OM is the End
OM is Within
OM is Around
OM is where we Came from
OM is where we will Go to
OM is Self

The liberty to feel the Self, i.e. OM, is something that takes us a step ahead in experiencing our Transformation. And that’s what the magic is…!
Liberty here is Liberate with Ability.And on our journey of Self-Realization, liberating with ability is Effortless


Mr.Dharmendra Kumar Singh was born on 3rd December 1974 in a village named Sultanpur in Bihar.He had his early education at Sultanpur, Samastipur. He completed his graduation from R.N.college,Hajipur.

After completing his graduation, his interest gradually turned into occult science and he joined “All India Institute of occult Science.” Here he met Kashyap sir. He learnt palmistry from him. Kashyap sir made him master in palmistry from every side. He has also studied Reiki from All India Institute of occult Science. 

Now-a-dayes he is working in All India Institute of occult Science as a teacher of Reiki and palmistry.

He believes that to know everything in their original form without any doubt with complete faith is called knowledge.   He is a true speaker of knowledge.

When we stop resorting to falsehood in our thought-word-action, we are on the path of truth.

These days he is teaching Reiki and palmistry in “All India Institute of occult Science.”

He is a very good practitioner of yoga and meditation. 

He has great faith in serving people.


Gunjan Pathak was born on 19th September 1983 in Delhi. She is a resident of Delhi.  She has studied in Delhi and today she is working in Delhi itself. She is a Dietitian, Nutritionist, and Naturopath. She is excellent in her field, She’s working with good doctors in a good hospital for the last several years. Slowly she climbed the stairs of success in her life. Gunjan Pathak is a married woman who is going ahead in her career along with her home and she is working hard to achieve her goal.


She is associated with a lot of social work. Having a rich experience in the above-mentioned fields With all these talents, at a very young age, she trend started towards Occult Science. Despite doing very well in her academics & professional life her soul was searching for something else like she was trying to find her real self.

After meeting Shire Kashyap sir, her vision of thinking and understanding of occult science changed then She took admission in All India Institute of Occult Science. And under the guidance of Kashyap sir, she did The Grand Master’s degree course in Reiki. And now she has been teaching with us for a while as a teacher.


Naval Mittal is a self made man, who has seen many ups and downs in his life. He is a kind of a person who has earned everything in his life on his own. Today he is at the pinnacle of his life, where people close to you have helped you a lot to reach. But to reach here he has made a lot of sacrifices to this success ladder. 

There are many ups and downs in his life, what is the logic to take behind it , he couldn’t understand what the region is. Then gradually he started moving towards off occult science to get out of these situations.

When he adopted occult science, he gradually grew curiosity towards finding solutions to all these problems in his life and he moved towards them. He started getting solutions to his problems. During this time, he noticed that a lot of people are struggling with different problems so he started helping them. Thinking ahead, he made astrology his profession. 

Now he has various Diploma, certificate courses up his sleeve in the field of Numerology, Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu. After taking Occult sciences as a profession , he has helped hundreds of people who are struggling in their lives.. Now he serves the mankind as an Astrologer and a Teacher..

Under the guidance of Kashyap Sir, he has done diploma in Astrology, Numerology, Vastu and Palmistry from All India Institute Of Occult science. And they heve been teaching here for some time.


Mahi kashyap is a Graphologist, an Entrepreneur, a climate change activist, a musical instrument player, an enthusiast & unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.  He is a practitioner and high performance coach of Graphology. He has been practising Graphology since his childhood and this process continues to evolve over the past 9 years &  6000 handwriting samples, and you can experience it in a private session with Mahi to begin exploring paths that can create the change you’re looking for. He certainly can help one achieve anything he/she wishes to through Graphotherapy. 

Apart from all these achievements, he has been awarded as Gold medalist in Mathematics Olympiad and has been topper of his secondary & Higher secondary school.

After completing his Bachelors and Masters degree from University of Delhi he started working with All India Institute of Occult Science.

He firmly believes that learning is a never ending process so he keeps on exploring new horizons each day & keep on evolving spiritually every moment. Because with the right understanding of life we can improve the quality of life & we can lead a healthy, happy & peaceful life. His purpose in life is to create the “awareness about the truth & reality of life” among people & dissolving the myths (illusions) through Graphology in which people are living so that each living being can live a healthy & peaceful life. 

Finally at present time he is the strong believer of “The Truth” and the truth is “It can never happen that there is no sorrow in life; Sorrow comes and you don’t be sad; it must be


Sakshi began her Tarot proficient vocation in 2012 in Delhi. She did Graduation in Commerce and began working in MNC for a long time. Today she is known for an amazing grasp over the Specialty of Tarot Card Reading, Consulting and
Teaching. With an experience of 9 years in tarot reading, she is one of the most renowned tarot readers in
Delhi. She has had the option to control and inspire her family, family members, companions and others
also, with her God-talented unique natural force and the direction of the Tarot.

She has entered the spiritual life in order to help others with their problems and guide them the best way to deal with the current situation or problem.
She studied Tarot Card Reading and Reiki from All India Institute of Occult Science.


Prashant Deshmukh was born on 31st October 1981. He was born and brought up in Delhi. He has studied in Delhi and today he is working in Delhi itself. He has been working in the Health sector for the last 17 Years in administration. Since his childhood, he was very curious to know about planets and he used to go through his horoscope daily. In 2012 he joined ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF OCCULT SCIENCE. He was the student of the first batch of Astrology of Kashyap Sir. 

Under the guidance of Guru Dev Shrie Kashyap ji. He has done diploma in Astrology, Numerology, Vastu from the All India Institute Of Occult science. He has been teaching under the guidance of Kashyap sir for the last couple of years