What is Tarot?


TAROT is an interactive divination system that uses a set of psychological archetypes -- represented by a deck of 78 Tarot cards -- to stimulate intuition and evoke new insights. Tarot cards stimulate the subconscious part of your mind, the place where psychic abilities lie. Giving yourself and others Tarot readings will enhance your native psychic powers. Tarot will also help you make better decisions around the kinds of problems that logic can't handle.

Tarot - A True Divinity

TAROT divination is not fortune-telling, The practice of fortune-telling is based on the false notion that human life is governed by luck, chance, or fare-by obscure powers at work outside the personality. Time divination rests upon the occult truth that the causes of all events in human life are really internal. Proceeding from the Cause of Causes-the Universal Intelligent Energy or Life-power which is the Source, Mover and Knower behind all the phenomena of the universe. Because this Universal Intelligent Energy is omnipresent, it must necessarily be a real presence at any given point in space. Consequently it must be the real Presence at the heart of every human personality. That Presence is the True Self, the real I AM, the Concealed Divinity in the shrine of the temple of personality. This True self is the author of all phenomena, and its perfect knowledge includes all the details of phenomenal manifestation,past, present and future. It knows all events, and the significance of all events. Thus it knows the complete past, present and future of every human being.