Palmistry Course

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(Diploma Course)

Introduction of Palmistry:- What is Palmistry, Science of Palmistry, Use of Palmistry, Scope of Palmistry.

History of Palmistry:- Early history of Palmistry, Modern development in Palmistry, Some famous Palmist.

Study of Hand:- Classifications of hand as per Structure, Classification of hand as per color, Classification of hand as per thumb.

Study of Fingers:- Study of Index finger, Study of Middle finger, Study of Ring finger, Study of Little finger, Study of Thumb.

Study of Nails:- Study of Structure of Nail, Study of Color of Nai, Study of sign and symbols on Nail.

Study of Mountains in Palm:- Study of Jupiter Mountain, Study of Saturn Mountain, Study of Sun Mountain, Study of Mercury Mountain, Study of Mood Mountain, Study of Venus Mountain.

Study of Palm Lines:- Study of Life Line, Study of Head Line, Study of Heart Line, Study of Fate Line, Study of Marriage Line, Study of children Line, Study of Sun Line, Study of Mercury Line, Study of Mars Line, Study of Foreign Line.

Study of Symbols:- Study of Cross, Study of Circles, Study of Triangle, Study of Rectangle, Study of Square, Study of Mole.

Position of the Planets

Timing of Events



Marital Happiness


Timing of Love

Symptoms of extra marital affairs

Denial of Marriage

Progeny and Family

Relationship with others

Medical Palmistry

Travelling, Education

Remedial Palmistry

Study of Special Yog:- Raj Laxmi Yog, Brahmcharya Yog, Amla Yog, Shubh Yog, Budh Yog, Indra Yog, Marut Yog, Lagnadiyog, Adhiyog, Shakat Yog, Daridra Yog, Durdhara Yog, Kemdrum Yog, Anpha Yog, Shukra Yog, Shani Yog, Surya Yog, Sunpha Yog, Ashubh Yog, Parwat Yog, Vasumati Yog, Bhaskar Yog

Case Study:- Case study of some famous Politicians, Case study of some famous Artist, Case study of some famous Spiritual Leader, Case study of some famous Doctor, Case study of some famous Engineer, Case study of some famous Teacher, Case study of some famous Business Man, Case study of some Criminals, Case study of some famous Players, Case study of some famous Social workers, Case study of some famous Actor, Case study of some famous Actress, Case study of some famous Personality

Practical Project:- Make practical project report on details analysis and prediction with palm images.

6 Months

10th or Equivalent