Lama Fera

Lama-Fera is an energy healing system that has been practiced over the centuries in the Buddhist monasteries of the Himalayas. It is used there for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. It involves calling upon Lord Buddha to come to the healing situation. His healing energy flows through the healer to the person needing healing.

Lama Fera is the union of two words, Lama and Fera. Both the words have their own identity and importance

Lama means Follower, who follows the philosophy of Buddha, making it part of his life from the core of his/her heart. Basically this is a Buddhist healing technique which has been used since 620 B.C.

It involved calling upon Lord Buddha to the healing situation. His healing energy flows through the healer to the person needing healing in Lama-Fera.

Lama Fera is a healing system practiced by Tibetan Lamas. This healing force is channeled through Lama Fera Healer towards the desired person or place.

Being a powerful mind healing concept, Lama Fera also uses powerful symbols during the healing.

This modality uses crystal wand to do all the healings through powerful symbols.

Lama Fera assists our connection with the higher self, increases spiritual and intuitive abilities, improves psychic abilities, removes evil spirits, and much more. It can additionally be used for space clearing and energy enhancer too.

Few benefits highlighted here:

  • Relief from stress and depression
  • Will power enhancer
  • Freedom from Stress and Depression
  • Relief from Anxiety and Fear
  • Helps remove off evil spirits and kind of negative energy
  • Might well help solve past life issues
  • Improves memory and enhances higher level of concentration through meditation
  • Brings about a change at the energy level and makes the person more active and self-confident
  • Cures the root cause of any disease