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Dr. Ramraj Upadhyaya


Dr. Ramraj Upadhyaya born to Shri Gupteshwar Upadhyaya& Smt. Malti Upadhyaya, holds a professional B.Ed. and PhD in Samveda from Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya

Born on 24 Feb. 1968, he has gone through many walks of life and kept learning with each passing day. This zeal of learning helped him gain four post graduate degrees with different specializations. Despite getting his primary education in a village, his zeal to learn more didn’t fade away and he ensured to gain more knowledge with each passing day. Few of the titles he holds are:

  • Acharya from Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya (covering Samveda, Shuklayajurved, Purohitya and literature)
  • Shikshashastri (B.Ed.) from Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya
  • Vidyavaridhi (Ph.D) from Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya
  • And many more

Covering various aspects including know ofPurohit, Vedas and Jyotish during his journey, he has various accolades against his name; Vedpandit and Saayan award from Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Academy are to name a few.
He currently is associated as Head of Department in Lal Bahadur Shastri Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, and Director in Purohit Prashikshan Pathyakram.

Hi main motive in life is to bring awareness of the basic concepts of Indian Culture's mystery of occult that prevails in the society.

Bhartiya Vrat Ewam Anushthan Poojan Vidyanam Poorttakamlakarha Sanskar Ewam Shanti Ka Rahesya Shanti Vidyanam

Chairman /Founder:

Indrrajeet Kashyap
Indrrajeet Kashyap is a leading Vedic Astrologer, Vastu Expert and Numerologist. With a global clientele, his knowledge and guidance has benefitted people of all walks of life.

He currently is working on spreading this knowledge of Occult Sciences by teaching Vedic Astrology, Vedic Vastu and Numerology in many leading institutes in Delhi.

He believes that learning never ends and this belief of his, took him to Lal Bahadur Shastri Sanskrit Vidyapeeth to explore into the mystic world of Karm Kaand.
For his precious contribution to the society he has been honoured with many prestigious awards by different organizations, including but not limited to an award under International Business & Service Excellence for being the Best International Vastu & Numerology Expert Globe.
His aim in life is to spread the knowledge of Ancient Indian Shastras, clear all the misconception people have about Occult Sciences and remove the blind faith people have in the current times.
He is the Chairman / Founder of True VastuTM, that happened because of his passion towards Vastu and the motif to remove all the myths associated with it.
As part of his social responsibility he has also taken the responsibility of imparting this education to economically weaker class members without any fee.
His teachings are simple and deep, has lot of impact on society through his students and has helped lot of people benefit from it.
His bigger goal in life is to embed this knowledge in each household as basic necessity and complete knowledge. He believes in scientific approach to all his teachings and guidance.


Atul Chauhan
Mrs. Raani J Kashyap comes with a strong knowledge of subjects on Occult Sciences. She has been interested in knowing the unknown mystical phenomenon of life since her childhood and had keen interest in Occult.
She started acquiring knowledge at home and gradually took formal education in these subjects. Today, in the modern society, she imparts knowledge through her teachings and guidance.
She is proficient in Vedic Astrology and is well read in this field. Her knowledge in Vaastu is deep and she takes interest both in residential and commercial Vaastu which has benefited many people. Her knowledge in Numerology is excellent and has a few renowned names as clients in India. Her intention and motive is to spread this knowledge so that it becomes the way of life.
In our routine many events happen and we do so many things that are traditional and are inherited. We do not know the origin of such acts and rituals. She is working on several projects one of which is to eradicate darkness behind such rituals.


Dr. RK Sharma
R.K. Sharma started the journey of this Birth from a small town in Jharkhand on 1st March 1981. Inclination towards spirituality and miracle of his intuition power was clearly noticeable since childhood.A number of sweet and sour experiences, a lot of sorrow and joy changed the path of his life from formal education to self realisation

In the course of his journey he studied various stream of occult science e.g Graphology, Palmistry, Face Reading, Body Language, Tarot card reading, Coffee cup reading, Tea leaf reading, Psychic reading, Aura Reading, Cloud Reading, Dowsing, Self Hypnosis, Past life regression, Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Crystal healing, Distance healing, Patanjali Yog, Raj Yog, Sahaj Yog, Kriya Yog, Vipassana Meditation. Finally at present time he is the strong believer of “The Truth” and the truth is “Jivan Me Dukh Na Aaye Aisa Kabhi Nahi Ho Sakta; Dukh Aaye Aur Aap Dukhi Na Ho; Aisa Awashya Ho Sakta Hai”.

Presently he is a part of “Team - All India Institute Of Occult Science” as a TRAINER of Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Crystal Healing, Dowsing, Tarot Card Reading and Palmistry. He has been awarded with “Best Teacher” by All India Institute of Occult Science.

His motive is to enlighten the path, The Path which can lead human being towards Freedom...The ultimate Freedom e.g MOKSHA


Atul Chauhan
Atul Chauhan is a practitioner and strong believer in occult sciences. He has been practicing astrology since past several years and has developed his own style. He started it as a hobby but eventually took it up with great interest and pride. His main aim is to evade and dissolve all the myths that have been created by immature astrologers whose main aim is to pocket people's money. The basic principles behind astrology is astronomy and mathematics without which we cease to predict any event. He is a strong believer in logic and without which there is no astrology. He is proficient in Vaastu and Numerology and helped many of his clients with his guidance and counseling. He has taken up occult sciences as his main interest and spreads this knowledge through teaching the subject. He studied Numerology and Vaastu from All India Institute of Occult Science.

He has worked for more than 17 years in multinational organizations managing call centers and has been engaged with foreign clients all through his career. He realized his interest in languages and has learned Gurmukhi, Japanese, French and Russian. Most of these languages he has learnt during his travels across the globe. He has worked to uplift the society by teaching English which is the most wanted spoken language in today's world. Having received his formal training in Park Lane College, Leeds, United Kingdom in voice and accent his main motive became to train not only the young generation but also professionals of all age. He loves teaching and training people on the language.


Atul Chauhan
Mrs. Sujata started her career in engineering field and took her education from initial level to till date from Delhi itself. She has been throughout a brilliant science student and did her engineering in telecom field from NSIT, Delhi. And thereafter she started her career in telecom sector and reached up to manager rank in the India’s Navratan Company VSNL (currently known as Tata Communication Ltd.)

The various branches of occult science like Numerology, Tarot Card, Vaastu , Reiki, Palmistry and Astrology has Always attracted her since beginning. After imparting 18 years of management level job in VSNL (TCL), she couldn’t escaped herself from the fascination of occult science. She resigned from her job and studied these branches of occult science, so that many myths and Confusion in lay man’s mind may be removed. And with this motto, how an ordinary person may be benefited through these branches of occult science and live a better life where he may have confidence to face all type of eventualities.
She studied Numerology, Tarot card reading, Reiki, Vaastu, Palmistry and Graphology from All India Institute of Occult Science.
Now she has been engaged in research work on these subjects of occult science. Through the depth studies of these subjects, she has benefited so many individuals in addition of guiding to the students. Now she has been teaching Tarot card reading and other subjects in this institute.
Her main motive is to impart and spread the light of knowledge to the students and all those people who have interest and belief in these subjects. And further to improve the many confusion and doubts of the people regarding these latest branches of occult science. And further imbibe the positivity in the life of people who are running through the bad phase of life. And simultaneously guide these people who are satisfied in their life but to fulfil their further ambition of life through nature based remedies and a little change of lifestyle, through which they may live a happy and prosperous life, with their family and profession.


Atul Chauhan
Deveshh is an ardent disciple of Occult Sciences, rather journey of Self-realization as he fondly calls it. Born in the Spiritual Capital of India, i.e. Varanasi, Spirituality comes to him naturally and rightly so he got fascinated towards it.

He comes with an experience of dealing with people for over 10 years by being part of HR field and managing it globally. He strongly believes in the beauty of energies; and believes that the world is nothing but a mirror and whatever we see around us, is a unique way of nature to reflect our thoughts and emotions.
He started his journey into Occult Sciences as a fun mechanism and leant Reiki. With each passing day, he found some synergy in his energies and in this field, which motivated him to later venture into many other aspects of it; Numerology, Vastu, Angel Card reading, Tarot card reading, Serenity Surrender – a Karma healing & self-realization mode, to name a few. A person with a mind-set that life is an ever learning process, he keeps exploring in this field with each passing day.He is:
  • Serenity Surrender Healer/Teacher
  • Reiki Grandmaster
  • Certified Angel Card ReaderTM
  • Certified Crystal ReaderTM
  • Tarot Card Reader
  • Lama Fera Master Teacher
  • Magnified Healing Practitioner
Before joining All India Institute of Occult Science as a faculty, he did various courses from the institute, namely Numerology, Reiki Grandmaster, Vastu, and Palmistry. With clients across the globe, today he not only helps people resolve their queries, but also helps them realize their true ability. He additionally imparts knowledge of all these, so as to help people keep growing here.
Through his pen:
  • FREEDOM to me is FREED OM!!
  • And,
  • OM is Eternity
  • OM is Shiva
  • Om is the Beginning
  • OM is the End
  • OM is Within
  • OM is Around
  • OM is where we Came from
  • OM is where we will Go to
  • OM is Self

The liberty to feel the Self, i.e. OM, is something that takes us a step ahead in experiencing our Transformation. And that's what the magic is...!
Liberty here is Liberate with Ability.And on our journey of Self-Realization, liberating with ability is Effortless