Coffee Cup Reading

Coffee Cup Reading, is an effective tool for predicting the future. This is based on the art of reading the coffee grounds. It is practiced to predict fame and fortune, by interpreting the near future of people from the patterns of the grounds in the cup


This reading gives very accurate results. All you need to do is think of the question you have and concentrate on the same for a minute or two and then click on the button! Coffee Cup Reading is much like Tasseography, and is done with coffee grounds instead of tea leaves. This is an ancient form of divination which originated in Asia and in ancient Greece. It was mostly used by the Gypsies. Coffee cup predictions started by the Arabs and made its way to the West much later.This form of divination is totally dependent upon a person’s psychic ability to look beyond and understand the meaning of the different symbols created by the loose coffee grounds in the cup. There are large numbers of specific images which relate to issues in a person’s life.