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Introduction to Astrology, Zodiac Sings and Solar System, Planets, Rashis, Nakshatras, Calculation of Time, Sidereal time, Duration of day and night, Planetary degrees, The Retrograde and Direct motions of Planets, Rising and setting of Planets, Casting of Horoscopes- Natal and Chalit, 12 House of Horoscope, Calculation of Vimsottari Dasha and Antardasha. Uses of Panchang to Find out Tithi, Paksha and Month, To know Panchang of a day, Increases and Decreases of Tithis, Kshaya and Adhik maas, Names of twelve months of Indian calendar, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karan. Planets characteristics, Natural friendship, Temporary friendship, Fivefold friendship, Exalted and debilitated signs of planets and degrees, The Mooltrikone signs and own signs and their degrees, Enemies of planets, Significators, State of planets, Aspects of planets. Characteristics of Signs, Their nature, Elements, Even and Odd Signs, Male, Female, Dwipad, Chatushpad, Keet, Moveable, Fix, and Mixed Signs; Earthy, Watery, Fiery, Airy Signs; Shirshoday, Prishthodaya and Ubhayodaya Signs.

Houses of Horoscopes:- The 12 houses, Their Significators, Kendras, Trikonas, Trik, Trishday, Apchay, Upchay.

Yogas:- Combinations Formed by Sun and Moon - Sunfa, Anfa, Durudhara, Kemdrum, Vesi, Vasi, Ubhayachari, Budhaditya Yog, Gajkesari, Chandra, Mangal, Amala Yog.

Panchmahapurush Yogas:- Ruchak, Bhadra, Hans, Malavya, Sas; Wealth and Rajyogas- By lords of Kendras and Trikonas.

Analysis of Dashas:- Relation of Planets, Relationship of lord of Antardasha with lord of Mahadasha, Analysis of Vimshottari Mahadasha and Antardasha.

Janam Dosh:- All Janam Dosh at the time of birth and their Bad Effect in life.

6 Months

10th or Equivalent


(Certificate Course)

Matching of Horoscope for Marriage:- Ashtakoot Matching - Varns, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Grah maitri, Gana, Bhakut and Nadi; South Indian method of matching; Mangal dosh and Remedies, Mangal vichar; Effect of cruel Planets on Matching; Determination of Health, wealth, Children, Age, Bliss.

Dasha and its Results:- Calculations of Pratyantar, Sookshama and Pran dasha of Vimshottari will be completed. Calculation of dasa and its results.Position of lord of dasha in Ascendant.

Transit Planets:- Use of transits for predictions, Effects of 9 Plnets, Effects of Sadesati and Dhaiya, Kantak and their Remedies, Favourable positions of planets, Vedhas of planets, Predictions of transits by dasha.

Ashtakvarga:- To determine Bindus and Rekhas of Ashtakvarga, Sarvashtakvarga, Importance of Ashtakvarga in transit.

Shadbala:- Positional; Directional; Predictions by Sixfold Strengths.

Muhurtha:- Panchang Tithi; Types of Tithis - Nanda, Jaya etc; Nakshatras; Types of Nakshatras; Calculation of Nakshatras; Tara; Vaar; Hora; Yog; Karan; Bhadra niwas; Bhadra much; Maas; Adhimaas; Kshaya Maas; Declinations of Sun - North and South; The Sarvarth sidhi yoga; Muhurtha for marriage; Muhurt for starting a shop; Muhurt for entering a house; Muhurt for journey; Analysis of Setting of Venus and Jupiter; Instantaneous tatkalik muhurta; Chaughadiya; Hora kaal; Rahu Kaal.

Remedies:- Remedies for malefic effects of planets, Importance of Stones-precious and semi precious, Importance of Yantras and Mantras, Worship of Planets.

6 Months



(Diploma Course)

Horary:- Principles of Horary astrology; How to analyze different queries; When the work will be accomplished; Predictions for Theft; Disease; Marriage; Children; Business etc by Horary horoscopes; Work will be successful or not ? Determination of timing of an event.

Varshphal Annual Prediction:- Main principles of calculating Varshphal, Varsh pravesh, Muntha, Five fold strength, Year lord, Importance of Year lord in Varshphal, Saham, Mudda dasa; calculation and its results.

Timing of Events:- Horoscope analysis, prediction technique, prediction and timing of event using dasa and transit for health, education, marriage, children, finance or profession, to rectify time of birth using past events.

Lifespan Analysis:- Jaimini's View, Varayu, Rashyayu, Kendrayu, Anshayu, Pindayu, Nisargayu. Calculations of lifespan and Horoscope, Determination of Lifespan by Dasha and Antardasha.

Laghu Parasari.
Some Special Yoga.
Kundli Analysis From all aspects.
Theory of Lal Kitab.
Result's of Lal Kitab.

Remedies:- Remedy According to Shastra.

6 Months



Research on topic of marriage and love affairs.
Research on topic of business.
Research on topic of Health.
Research on the topic of Posible desease and their remadies.
Research on the topic of birth of children.

6 Months


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